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PA Imaging


At PA Imaging we are developing the next generation of screening and diagnostic mammograms. With the photo-acoustic technology developed at the University of Twente, we provide a non-invasive, high resolution, and low cost solution to the need for advanced diagnosis of breast tumors.

While conventional mammograms use hazardous X-ray radiation, our infrared lasers locally excite the breast tissue safely from multiple directions. As the tissue heats up momentarily under influence from the laser light, an ultrasound pulse travels through the breast and is picked up by hundreds of ultrasound transducers. Real-time tomography software translates this avalanche of information into a comprehensive 3D image of the breast. The difference in response of healthy tissue and malignant tumors is shown immediately.

PA Imaging is cooperating with the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital in Enschede to validate our photo-acoustic mammoscope. In a dedicated treatment room within the mammogram polyclinic we are performing a second round of clinical validation.